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Festive Greetings

An Introduction

The Ganesh Shivaswamy Foundation was established in June 2019 by Ganesh Shivaswamy, a lawyer from Bengaluru, India. Having commenced collecting the chromolithographs from the Ravi Varma Press in the early 1990’s, it was felt that a platform was required to engage with the various custodians of the Ravi Varma’s legacy. The main purpose of the Foundation therefore is to catalogue, document and preserve the legacy of India’s foremost modern artist, Raja Ravi Varma

The Garden at the Ganesh Shivaswamy Foundation

Our Areas of Interest

Raja Ravi Varma
Raja Ravi Varma with Kaiser i Hind

Raja Ravi Varma

 Raja Ravi Varma (1848-1906) is considered the foremost modern Indian artist. Born in Kilimaoor, a aristocracy in the former kingdom of Travancore, he travelled extensively across India along with his brother C. Raja Raja Varma. The itinerant brothers interacted with royals, bureaucrats, businessmen and the common man affording them a unique vantage of the diverse land. This Varma captured in his paintings which naturally appeased Indians across regions, class and caste. Together with the Ravi Varma Press, Varma altered the very notions of religious imagery and aesthetics of the people of the Indian sub-continent and beyond. 

Postcard of St Andrew's Church Bangalore. The Ganesh Shivaswamy Foundation
Postcard of Cubbon Road, Bangalore

Other Projects

The Ganesh Shivaswamy Foundation has collaborated with other organizations like the Bangalore International Center, Carnatic Alchemy Foundation and Destination Heritage among others to showcase Indian art, culture other aspects of heritage, history and culture. 

Some of the other projects we have worked on include showcasing talks on the heritage of Bangalore, the royal heritage of Mysore among other aspects of history and culture. 

Launch of Google Arts & Culture

Yashoda Krishna Raja Ravi Varma
Yashoda Krishna by Raja Ravi Varma

 In September 2019, the platform was launched by Her Highness Shubhangini Raje, Rajamata Ji of Baroda at the Maharaja Fateshingh Museum at Baroda. Now, with the Foundation’s partnership with Google Arts & Culture, the catalogue has been substantially improved. 

Our Well Wishers

 Access for All, Mumbai

Apparao Galleries, Chennai

Apparao Foundations, Chennai

Artflute, Bengaluru

Bangalore International Center, Bengaluru

Bhavani Museum, Sattara

Carnatic Alchemy Foundation, Bengaluru

Delhi Art Gallery

Destination Heritage, Bengaluru

Government Museum, Chennai

Indian Music Experience Museum, Bengaluru

 JNAF/CSMVS, Mumbai 

Kilimanoor Palace Trust

Kaudiar Palace, Thiruvananthapuram

Maharaja Fatesingh Museum, Vadodara

Maya Films, Bengaluru

Museum of Art & Photography, Bengaluru

National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru

Osianama, Mumbai

Royal Gaekwad Collection, Vadodara

Saffronart, Mumbai

Sir C. P. Ramaswamy Iyer Art Foundation, Chennai

Sree Chitra Art Gallery, Thiruvananthapuram

In the Press

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